Did you know? Sharks don't feed on humans. Humans feed on sharks. The official SILENCE OF THE SHARKS video invites you to watch, share and join the campaign to save lives and make a difference!


Diving instructor?
Care about the ocean?
Your destiny calls!
Here’s your opportunity to make a difference.

Organizing 500 divers in one dive site is a logistic challenge by all means, but fortunately, we have successfully led such a dive as the opening protest of this campaign and our experience only ensures this dive will be a safe, fascinating and enjoyable one. Just as during the dive held in 2015, each diving instructor will be leading a group of 10 divers throughout an organized, well-planned ahead setup. However, since the experience and safety of many divers depends on our team of instructors, we seek for only the most trained and responsible leaders for this job. Are you up for the challenge?

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Children of the world are joining this fascinating and important journey of saving the sharks by drawing the protest banners held underwater during the dive. For this purpose, a competition is held online, inviting all children in all countries and all ages to create their own protest banner and to share it on a dedicated platform established on the SILENCE OF THE SHARKS website. The winning banners will be printed on waterproof ads and will be carried underwater by the protesting divers. 

  The best drawing of them all will be awarding its young creator and one of his parents with an invitation (flights and accommodation) to participate in the event Sponsor by DAN Europe. 

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About Us

Unique Underwater Protest and International Shark Conference
October 19-23,2017 at Eilat, Israel SILENCE OF THE SHARKS DDIVE
SILENCE OF THE SHARKS is a global underwater protest against shark hunting,
finning and culling. It is composed of a series of mass dives held in many different
countries around the world during 2016 and 2017.
The most festive 'D-Dive'will take place on October 19-22, 2017 in Eilat, Israel.
More than 500 divers from all over the world will be diving and protesting at the
Satil wreck. In this once in a ife time underwater protest, they are speaking up in
the name of the more than 70 million sharks that are killed every year. The dive
will be held as part of a global shark saving event and conference – broadcast live
around the world.
Children of the world have been asked to participate as Junior Shark Ambassadors
through a worldwide art competition that shares their creativity and activism
in the world (details found here)

David Pilosof, author and World ShootOut producer, is the driving force behind
the project. "What started as a crazy idea is now becoming the most meaningful
project I have planned so far. Our goal is to give sharks a voice and raise
awareness for their situation. At the same time we want to provide a platform for
experts, NGOs, and environmentalists to meet and work together so they can
profit from each other's knowledge as well experience and discuss a common
plan for action," says Mr. Pilosof.